Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bad start into politics

I want to write about try into political career.
About one week ago while I was going back home I saw announcement from (ughrm.. I really don't know how to say it in english) local government from my small town. There was written something like 'Hi, your local government here. 2nd September you should come to us. We'll have good fun and talk about finance and investments of our town.' And it remainded me that few days before I had thought about beeing member of local gorervnment becouse I know a lot of people and even more people know me. SO it might be possible that I'll get in. But I have to get some experience and learn how it works. The problem is that when I was going to this first 'date' with politics I read it annoucment that it had beed 1st Sep not 2nd. Mayby politics don't want me?



  1. Sorry to hear about your bad start buddy. Keep your head up. Things will work out for the best soon.

  2. I got involved in local politics... and ran away really fast, I just hope it'll be a better experience for you.

  3. Haha, that's unfortunate mate. Keep trying though, if it interests you. Good luck.

  4. Don't worry about this situation - I hope next time you'll come right for meeting :)
    Please write what's new about this and why You stop writting at all?

    Waiting for the answer