Friday, September 30, 2011

Too less time for blogging

I'm so sorry for my quiet days which lasted about two weeks. I just didn't have time for writing something for You - because I had too much work in my school after my illness. This is reason for my first week - and the second - reason is really simple, I didn't have any connect with the Internet so I couldn't write anything for You. Now I can only say that this second week was really wonderful, because I have spent a lot of time with my girlfriend. In this school year we don't have many time for us - so I'm very happy for every little moment which I can spend with her.


  1. I'm jelly. But don't worry about it man, come check out my blog sometime too

  2. Don't worry about not having the time for blogging. There's more than life to blogging and when you have no connection to the internet irregular updates are even more understandable.

    Good luck with the girl too. Time apart from a loved one can suck so I don't blame you for cherishing your time with her.

  3. ahhhh dude blogging is minor, good luck with your life it passes most people by while there making grand plans for it.

  4. Did you stop writing at all? I'm waiting and waiting for You posts